Our small groups are a place where students can come together for fellowship, accountability, prayer, and bible study. They are a chance to connect with others and grow deeper in your faith. We believe that the Christian life is not just about the decision you made at a certain time and place, but about the dedication to living a life that is moving towards God’s design for you. Cohesion groups are there to help you on that journey.

Groups form at the beginning of each semester and agree to a covenant to live by in order for the group to be accountable and confidential. All who agree to live by the covenant are invited to participate. Come to FATHOM to find out more about Cohesion Groups.

Most of our groups meet at 6pm on Sunday Nights, however if there is enough need/interest in a group meeting at another time/day then we can arrange to have a group meet at that time.


COHESION GROUPS start on August 27, 2017